Pajamas, Social Media, and Coolers All Help New MYCREW Start-Up Connect

Take MYCREW Tumblers to the BeachLast week, we explored the philosophy of a small business that has been connecting with success for almost sixty years. But what about those brand new start-ups in this big box world? How do they manage to find their own stable middle ground? Recently, while scrolling through Facebook, I found a promotion for MYCREW Coolers. They began distributing their merchandise in local shops a couple of weeks ago. They launched their Amazon platform last week.

Like many start-ups, MYCREW owner, Krystal Horn, of White Stone, Virginia, saw a need and decided to fill it. Charlotte Charlton, also of White Stone, jumped on board.

“Krystal and her husband, Greyland, have five children and enjoy camping and being on the go with family and friends,” explained Charlton, Director of Marketing and Social Media for the company. “During camping trips, Krystal grew tired of constantly running to the store to replace ice in the cooler.”

Horn felt that her ice runs got in the way of spending quality time with her family. She knew there were cooler and cup products on the market that could solve her problem, but she felt they were just too pricey.

“With this motivation, Krystal created MYCREW Coolers and Drinkware to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy nice quality products at a lower cost,” said Charlton.

Charlton and Horn developed the company around their children’s schedules.

“We both have small children, so during the early stage of the company’s creation, our meetings were held in the evenings, after 7:30 (bedtime!) around Krystal’s kitchen table, with both of us in our evening lounge wear,” Charlton said.

Jammies and kitchen chairs rather than board room tables seem to be a hallmark of this generation’s start-up. Like many companies today, MYCREW expects that their customers find products they love while scrolling through their phones.

Charlton said, “MYCREW tries to connect with its customer base through social media and also from going out in our local community.”

Word of mouth seems to be getting the products out. So far, people are happy with MYCREW, and they have some five star reviews to prove it.

“[The cooler] kept ice cold for days,” said one customer. “Very durable—people cannot believe the low price!”MYCREW Tumblers

Prices range from $124.99 for the 20 quart cooler, to $199.00 for the 65 quart. Tumblers are priced between $13.95 for a 10 ounce to $18.95 for a 30 ounce.

The tumblers and lids come in a variety of colors, including stainless steel.

“Very impressed with how long my drink stays ice cold and the excellent price,” wrote another customer.

For new businesses, creating a great product, getting those products featured on social media, and acquiring reviews are keys to success. MYCREW hopes these connecting factors lead to their success, but Charlton emphasizes the importance of customer service.

“We are interested in providing quality products that our customers enjoy and can rely on,” she said. “Our hope is that our customers not only like our cups and coolers, but that they also enjoy creating memories with their families and friend while using them.”

Check back Wednesday as I launch our Back to School Celebration with an amazing interview with Brett Bigham, Oregon’s 2014 Teacher of the Year! Stay tuned for two weeks of connections, interviews, and happy tears as I send my baby off to Kindergarten!

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  • August 31, 2016 at 2:45 am

    I know K. Horn and her hubby. They camp with Tammy and Buddy….I have also seen the coolers which are real nice. Don’tTammy is getting two of the coolers……they sold the expensive (yeti) and are getting two from the Horns. Enjoyed blog!


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