Creating Viral Posts: Five Tips to Get Noticed on Social Media

Creating viral posts helps get your products or message in front of thousands of potential customers. Here are five tips to get you noticed on social media.All of us entrepreneurial types dream of creating viral posts to really get our material out there. For one photographer friend of mine, that dream became a reality in the fall of 2015. Ever heard of Jessi Kittrell, owner of Happy Acres Photography and the #margaritamom? I wrote about her famous photos here.

What makes a post on a blog or on social media go viral? Here are five things I’ve learned from my research.

Be relatable.

When folks feel like a writer, photographer, or artist has created something seemingly pulled straight from their daily lives, they respond. Then they share.

In Jessi Kittrell’s case, her photo told a story about dealing with her daughter’s transition to Kindergarten. We moms have all been there. We got it, and we shared it. The relatable nature of her pictures makes her successful at creating viral posts. 

Be controversial.

People like to debate and discuss behind the anonymity of their keyboards. Posts that give them something to talk or argue about take off!

Many moms took offense at Kittrell’s post because they didn’t think she should be so happy to send her kid off to school. You can find her reactions to all the discussion here. Creating viral posts that spark controversy can create some pretty painful commentary, so be prepared.

Be timely.

Many people get a rise out of being the first person to share a piece of news. You can tap into this tendency if you write about events that are happening in real time.

Be useful.

Do you have a really interesting way to complete a mundane task? Are you an expert in a particular field or niche? If you write out your instructions or video a quick tutorial, you could end up with a viral post. People love Creating viral posts can get your message or products in front of thousands of potential customers. Here are five tips to get you noticed on social hacks.

Be emotional.

Some people love surprises. Many love to feel awestruck. Others feed off inspirational quotes. Most folks enjoy content that reads like a big virtual hug. If you make stories or digital art that touches any of these emotions, you may end up creating viral posts!


Today, as you create your posts, think about which of the above ideas you can tap into. Ask your readers to share, and see what happens! Good luck!




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