Six Free Distance Learning Resources for Immediate Download

6 Free Distance Learning Activities for Immediate Download

Six days ago, my colleagues and I were school interventionists and classroom teachers. Five days ago, corona virus came through like a tidal wave. Suddenly, we became virtual teachers. Those of us in other professions are now working at home as well. Additionally, we’ve taken over as teachers for our own kids.  So now we’re all trying to move this crazy ship with nothing but a paddle. While we try to figure this out, here are a few free distance learning resources my friends and I created for immediate download to help get you through.

Shapes and Colors Task Cards with a QR Code Option

Our Instructional Technology Coach, Sherri Miller, created these cards for preschool and Kindergarten students working to learn their shapes and colors. Children can scan the QR codes with a phone or iPad, and then identify the different shapes and colors. If you choose to print these out, they become flashcards. Super fun!

Word Building and Sorting Game

My fellow reading specialist, Savannah Campbell, has created a game for early readers in Google Slides. If you click the link and make the copy, you will get a series of interactive drag and drop activities. Kids can practice sorting pictures by their middle vowel sound and dragging letters to make simple words.  Great practice for our beginning readers!

Place Value Dice Game

Allison French, third grade math teacher, created and shared this activity to help kids working on place value. In fact, my third grader is reviewing this right now, and I used this with him! Kids can roll dice and use the dots to create three and four digit numbers. They will then write them in standard, expanded and word form. A fun way to practice an important skill!

3-D Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Get your old magazines out! Allison French also shared this scavenger hunt to help kids see 3-D shapes in our everyday world. They can find and cut out pictures of cylinders, pyramids, etc. and analyze their point, lines, and faces. Kids can also draw items that represent each shape. This is a fun way to remind kids that math is all around us. Her free distance learning resources will really help your little math scholar.

6 Free Distance Learning Activities for Immediate DownloadSpring Magnetic Poetry

As a reading specialist myself, I want kids to enjoy playing with words. I have fun manipulating language, so I loved creating with Magnetic Poetry when I was a kid.  I made this Google Slides interactive activity so kids could play too! Simply download the PDF directions, then click the link on the document. Next, make a copy, and start dragging words across the page to make some cute poems about spring.

Grammar Task Cards

Next, you can keep your kids savvy about parts of speech with these task cards. You can print the sheets and have them do each activity all at once. You could also cut the cards apart and have them practice one or two per day. If you have multiple kids at home, you could have them use the cards as a “Scoot” game. Simply lay all the cards out on the table and have your children move from card to card copying the sentences as they go.

More Free Distance Learning Resources

In addition, check out this post I wrote for free products from Teachers Pay Teachers from my friends and me. If you don’t have an account, you can easily set one up with your email. There are thousands of free and inexpensive items here too. We are working each day to create more activities. Hopefully, these free distance learning resources will help you as you navigate your new academic journey, assist you in your classroom, or further support your homeschooling curriculum. Happy learning!

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