Flipgrid Family Fliphunts: a Fun Way to Connect

Family Flipgrid If you’re trying to stay in touch with distant family or are stuck in quarantine, check out Flipgrid for a fun way to connect. Designed for distance and virtual learning, Flipgrid is a free video discussion app. Family members or teachers can post video questions, Google Docs, and other activities in their family grid. Other family members can post their responses in video format, giving people a fun way to communicate when they can’t be together. First, I’m going to share a couple of ways you could play with Flipgrid. I’ll then give you a short tutorial on using the app. Finally,  I’ll share a free activity with you to use with Flipgrid, and I’ll give you a link to Flipgrid Family Fliphunts you could use with the app. Let’s get started!


Use Flipgrid for Family Book Talks

Challenge the kids in your family to create a short (30 seconds or less) video about a book they are reading. In that time, they need to include the title, author, and a strong statement about why everyone needs to read their book.

Another way to do this would be to also allow everyone to upload a longer video to give more details about their books. This also works for TV shows, movies, or whatever the world is streaming right now.

Flipgrid Family FlipHunts

Fliphunts are my favorite way to use Flipgrid. This app is not just a video discussion tool. Families looking to play together during times of separation should give Fliphunts a try. This virtual scavenger hunt allows family members to show off their silliness in a fun, competitive way.  Just create a Google or Word Doc with tasks, upload it to your Flipgrid topic, and have each family team video themselves doing each task. Make sure they title each of their videos so it’s clear which task they are doing. Videos should be no more than 30 seconds. You can even give each team a time limit and award points for each team who completes the most tasks. Family Flipgrid Fliphunts

To get started with Flipgrid, just follow my simple tutorial below. At the end of this post, click on the link to the free Flipgrid Family Fliphunt. If you have fun with this Fliphunt, I’ve included links for an entire set! I used this app back when I was in the classroom, and the kids and I loved it. In order to show you screen shots, I’ll set up a new account to walk you through the initial process.

Getting Started with Flipgrid

TutorialFirst, I visited the Flipgrid Website to create my account which I titled “Meaningful Connections in the Classroom.” I then entered my country and my date of birth. Next, it asked me to start a grid, which is simply your family discussion platform. I found that I could link people to my grid with email addresses. At the end of the sign-in process, Flipgrid gave me a code that I could paste right into texts or emails to direct friends or family to my activities. The app then took me to the topic page where I could start uploading my crazy family tasks. After I signed in and got my code, Flipgrid took me to this page to complete my topics. I can add co-administrators to my grid as well by clicking the “add copilot link under my grid name.


Tutorial 2Expanding the Topic

Once I finished exploring the screen that will eventually list all my uploaded topics, I clicked on the pencil icon in the area boxed in orange. This took me to a different screen that listed each step I had to take to upload videos and information for what I wanted to share with my folks.

I found that the directions for creating my topic clearly stated what I needed to do next.

After I scrolled down past these points, there were even ideas and directions for things I could add to the videos I share.

You can scroll down from here for more settings.

Tutorial 3Once I load a family discussion topic or Flipgrid Family Fliphunt, my people can respond to it with their own uploaded videos where they answer my questions, chime in to discussion, or show off their portion of the scavenger hunt. I can also set the limit on the length of videos they can submit. Additionally, I can freeze each topic once we have submitted our videos so family members can’t keep uploading responses after the game or discussion ends.

I love that I can decide who can comment simply by turning a setting off.


Tutorial 4As I explored more, I saw that I can decide if people reply to me, to each other, or both. Family and friends can “like” videos I share and “like” and comment on other teams’ work. Flipgrid is a lot like a safe Instagram or Snapchat in this way. Kids can even add stickers or drawings to their responses.



Tutorial 5As I scroll further down the screen, I have “grading” options. I can use Flipgrid’s feedback model, or I can upload my own trash talking grading criteria.



Tutorial 6This app can really bring families together in a divided world. Don’t forget–Flipgrid is absolutely free!

If you’re interested in trying out a free Fliphunt before attempting to make your own, check out my Flipgrid Family Fliphunts right here. 

If you want to try an entire series of Fliphunt for team building, families, kids, or learning communities, check out this set of Flipgrid Family Fliphunts.  

Additionally, here is a link to four additional freebies for distance learning! Enjoy!


Flipgrid Family Fliphunts
Flipgrid Fliphunts for Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

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