Map to the Middle

Meaningful Connections: Content for CohesivenessThe world has never been more divided.

Democrat vs. Republican.

Police vs. Citizens.

Gun Rights vs. Gun Control.

Law Makers vs. Educators.

Common Core vs. Anything Else.

Homeschool vs. Public School.

Attachment Parenting vs. Cry It Out.

Breast vs. Bottle.

Bio Family vs. Stepfamily.

Outdoors vs. Indoors

Camping vs. Motel

Underwear vs. Commando.

You get the point. Check most media outlets, and you’ll find posts so far to the right or left that middle ground can only be found a day’s drive away. I believe the creative people among us have the map to the center. Check this site frequently as I explore stories, relationships, places, and activities to find some sort of median. I would love to bring some of this content to your site as well. Feel free to stay awhile–I’m sure we have topics and interests in common to help you forge strong connections with your audience or customers. Meanwhile, I’ll keep writing.  Just in case there’s a beach on the shores of compromise, I’ll save you a chair and a frozen pink drink.

If there's a beach at middle ground...


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