Back to School Pictures with Happy Acres Photography and My Cell Phone

Happy Acres Vs. My Cell Phone: First Days of SchoolToday, I’d like to make a connection between two back-to-school pictures. Jessi Kittrell released this year’s back to school photo in response to last year’s viral post from her business, Happy Acres Photography. I found mine on my phone while lolling around on the couch.

Amazingly enough, there are some similarities between the two. One has beautiful beach lighting and lovely composition, while the other has, you know, lighting. It’s kind of a brownish-orangish glow, but in my defense, I took it after a rough morning.

Another striking similarity is that all the children pictured here are sporting new clothes that represent their identities. As you may recall the little girl on the left caught some Internet flack for her poofy ruffles and cowboy boots. In response, she just got poofier and brighter. Take that, Haters!

The kids on the right have a Mamaw who lovingly and painstakingly nurtures their every whim. This is why my daughter is wearing a rainbow poop emoji shirt with pink tennis shoe boots on the first day of third grade. Luckily I work with her teachers, and they get us. The boy is wearing a snake shirt, which my mother loves to describe as “having real scales you can actually feel.” She knows I hate snakes. She knows I will have to wash the snake scale shirt inside out because it’s so creepy. I feel like it’s staring at me.

Both pictures have a place to sit. On the left, you see a float along with the #MYCREW cooler, filled with adult beverages. Floating in that bay is a divine way to regain your sanity after the first day of school. The cooler is even more versatile. Close the lid, and you have a nice chair to sit on while you partake of what’s inside. On the right, you will see #MYCOUCH, the only background I could come up with after I shooed the dog out of the basement with the “stanky” snakeskin in her mouth that my son found and left within her reach. I had exactly 35 seconds to leave and still make it to school on time. That couch is exactly five steps from the door. That evening, I dragged all our school, soccer, and lunch bags just inside the door and sank my tired carcass on that couch. I just needed that #MYCREW or #ANYCREW cooler filled and sitting next to it.

Both pictures have moms, even though one is on the other side of the camera. One mom has a beverage, and one mom is wishing for one since it’s frowned upon to show up on the first day of school smelling like margaritas. Both moms are working their behinds off to raise interesting individuals who will make their own distinct marks on the world. Both moms have apparently been blessed with spirited spawn who question everything. While their antics may drive us to partake from the cooler a little, we both pray that these kids will grow up to be adults who question everything. The world needs to be spackled with bright colors, poof, funky boots, and snake chasers to keep us cohesive.

So, Moms—keep documenting. Whether you can find the sanity to stage a photo or need to take one at light speed with a blurry camera phone, immortalize these fleeting, crazy moments. While we’re busy trying to vacuum up the trail of debris they leave behind, these little humans are steadily moving toward adulthood. Take those pictures so you can remember these days. And keep your coolers full.


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0 thoughts on “Back to School Pictures with Happy Acres Photography and My Cell Phone

  • September 12, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Hilarious! I was literally laughing out loud. Sometimes it’s nice to laugh at ourselves as mothers instead of trying to take ourselves so serious. #bestofblogosphere

  • September 12, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    Jennifer Worrell, You have made my day! I have laughed myself to tears while you nonchalantly explained motherhood and teachers in the same story! I don’t have one picture of the first day of school of my children. No cell phones to use and didn’t care to be late to work! This is a new time we live in!

    • September 12, 2016 at 10:16 pm

      That is hilarious!! Getting those pictures is rather challenging…Being on time is even more so! Thanks for reading and commenting!!


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