How Elizabeth Gilbert’s book About Eating, Praying, and Loving Will Heal Us from #Election2016

#election2016 could be healed by apple pie and listening ears!
Apple pie might just help heal us from #Election 2016!

On a day when half our nation is jubilant, half is devastated, and the future is foggy, I believe connection is key. Liz Gilbert got it right when she ate, prayed, and loved. Here’s how I think the title of her iconic book will get us through the coming months.


And drink, too, if need be. Many of you may need to drink a lot. But try sitting down to nosh with someone different from you. Take a pie to a neighbor of a different religion, race, or political party. Then sit down at the kitchen table with your ears programmed to listen. Not just listening to formulate a response or a rebuttal, but listen to understand. This country was made for us. We the people. Not the media, the lobbyists, and certainly not the politicians. This is our country, and we alone determine the climate. Debating and disagreeing make us think. Thinking makes us grow. Fear and hatred will end us. FDR had it right when he reminded us how important it was to stop being afraid. Besides, how can anyone find themselves filled with hatred while eating apple pie?


Whatever your faith, now is the time to use it. Our country needs prayer. Our leaders need prayer. Prayer, like discourse, makes us grow. Spirituality deepens our hearts, souls, and minds. It opens us up to the light in ourselves and in our fellow humans. There is no hatred in that flame. Now is the time for all of us to sit in silence, reach inside, and find our highest selves to present to our world.


Love is the backbone for everything. Let’s love each other and our nation enough to listen to each other. Listening leads to understanding, which leads to solutions, which lead to unity and common ground. This country was founded on We the People. Not Hillary, Donald, Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC. America, we are great. We’ve got this.

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