Six Things I Love About My Husband

Six Things I Love About My HusbandThis post contains affiliate links.

This Valentine’s Day has me feeling so full of love that I thought I’d share a few things about my ultimate crush, Mr. Jenn.

1.When Mr. Jenn proposed, he enlisted the help of an old friend with a carriage tour business in his home town. He then booked a floor in a lighthouse for the night. Next, his friend arrived at a preset time all decked out in traditional attire with her big, white horse, Elvis, and her antique carriage. She took us on an evening tour of the town, and Mr. Jenn proposed in front of a beautiful old mansion on the main street. Sigh! It was perfect, and Elvis farted in approval!

2.He’s cute and talented in ways that count. This is why I will take Bonnie Raitt’s and Sippie Wallace’s advice from their 1973 rendition of “Don’t Advertise Your Man” and shut up.

3. He cooks. This morning at 5:30 when I stumbled into the kitchen, Mr. Jenn was already at the counter making stuffed peppers in the crock pot for our dinner. Can you say love, anyone?

4. He’s creative. If he can’t fix it, it isn’t broken. He can make anything with a little wood and paint. He even restored my old jon boat, Penelope. My parents gave the boat to me when I was a kid, and she had been sitting on blocks since a tornado tore holes in her stern.  Someone had quoted Tim $300 to fix her. After pondering a bit, Mr. Jenn mended Penelope for $25, the cost of the tube of marine caulking. She’s now good as new.

5. Mr. Jenn is a good listener. He’s excellent when I need to make a list of pros and cons about a tough issue I’m facing, and he plays great devil’s advocate.

6.  The number one reason that I love Mr. Jenn is that he’s a good dad. He has spent hours at school functions, and he makes cupcakes. He has coached baseball and football teams, and he gets up at all hours of the night for hunting and golf trips. He’s been puked, peed, and pooped on and wears the stains like a champ. At the risk of advertising too much, I’m married to one sexy daddy…Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby! I love you!

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2 thoughts on “Six Things I Love About My Husband

  • February 18, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    Mr. Jenn sounds like a “KEEPER” to me. What I love most is that you notice, and appreciate him. I imagine this overrides things he may do that you are so nutsy whatsy about. I suspect you share a Valentine’s Day atmosphere every day!!!

    In so many relationships, couples can tell you about every single “oops” moment they have seen, heard, felt, smelled, and tasted. They rarely speak about all their good moments, as if it would be a slight against how they each lift the relationship. It’s not a competition after all.

    Love is a many splendid thing. And at the end of the day…”Action Speaks Louder Than Words!”

  • February 21, 2017 at 2:10 am

    I feel ya! Love is an action, and it’s something you do every single day. I hear lots of men and women gripe about their spouse or significant other. The more positive you are about each other, the more exciting and wonderful your relationship will be.


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