Five Things to Do After You Create a Viral Post

Do you have a viral post on your blog or social media account? Here are five strategies to keep followers engaged with your material. Imagine checking the stats on your blog or social media account and seeing a huge skyrocket! You quickly realize you’ve created a viral post. What do you do next?

Keep followers engaged after your viral post.

Jessi Kittrell, owner of Happy Acres Photography, has had several photography posts get major attention. She maintains that it’s very exciting to see that jump in stats. Kittrell also notes that it’s important to keep people interested.

“You want to keep people looking,” she said. “Everything you put up after that viral post should really engage people.”

Edit and revise.

Even though your post has gone viral, don’t stop working on it. Recheck grammar and spelling, and adjust any sentences that don’t read smoothly. You may even want to expand your content. Add information to your blog post, or write another post with additional information.

Chris Lee, Founder of, states in his article “What to Do When Your Blog Post Goes Viral: The Ultimate Action Plan,” also reminds us to add links to other relevant works of ours into the viral post.

“Since your post is getting a lot of traffic, it would be wise to try to keep your readers there with more information,” he writes.

Lee also notes that sometimes other links don’t necessarily fit seamlessly in the original post. If that’s the case, add a “Read Next” section at the bottom of your viral post to link to other articles on your site.

Consider advertising.

If you suddenly have a spike in viewers or followers, now is the time to consider ads. Amazon has an affiliate marketing program, as do many other companies. Other organizations, such as Viglink, can connect you with hundreds of businesses that pay you to advertise. Since you have so many eyes on your viral post anyway, you might as well capitalize on your newfound publicity!

Create an opt-in form on your site.What steps can you take after you create a viral post to keep your followers engaged? Here are some ideas for your blog and social media.

Collect email addresses so you can let your followers know what you’re up to. If they like your writing, this is a great way to let them know about other products you sell. In all fairness, I haven’t tried this yet, but I plan to look into it soon. Have a plausible incentive created to offer your readers in exchange for their email.

Figure out what is working.

Study your analytics and pinpoint what your audience responds to most passionately. Let your stats help you create a formula for posts in the future. This will keep your readers coming back for more! Just make sure your content doesn’t get repetitive.

Remember, once the initial fervor over your original viral post dies down, you aren’t done. You can change up the graphics and add content.

Chris Lee writes, “Try to wait at least two months before sharing it again. You don’t want to `spam’ your followers with one piece of content only. Let them `forget about it’ and they will love it again the next time.”


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