STEM Toys and Games to Add to Your Child’s Playroom

These STEM toys will add science, technology, engineering, and math to your child's playroom or to your classroom!










Are you trying to incorporate more STEM into your own children’s play? Would you like some STEM type activities to add to your classroom? Here are a few affiliate links for STEM toys and games that we’ve tried and loved. Remember, you don’t pay more if you shop through these links. I could, however, make a little commission.

This Code and Go Mouse Activity Set will add some STEM to your child's play.

Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set


This Learning Resources product is all about coding—a 21st century skill that will be critical to student success. That said, logic and spatial reasoning are huge factors in this game as well. Basically, kids set up mazes for a robot mouse. They then have to program the mouse to move around it by giving it a set of directions. This toy includes a robot mouse, a variety of maze pieces, coding cards, activity cards, and a guide to help you figure out what to do.


This toy is for ages 5 up, but I find it challenging. My son could out code me when he was in Kindergarten, so the fact that this game stumps me at times isn’t saying much. This game will keep us all involved for an afternoon, or at least until my brain gets tired. The kids, however, love Colby (get it, like cheese?) the Coding Mouse. This toy pretty much rocks our STEM world.


Magnetic Pattern Blocks always add STEM fun to a playroom or classroom.Magnetic Pattern Block Activity Set


We absolutely love this Learning Resources activity in our house. This set actually includes magnetic puzzle cards so the blocks will stay in place when you play with them. My kids love to create patterns and colorful designs, so this is a convenient upgrade to an old favorite. I used to use a cheap pizza pan to stick pattern blocks to—now, they include the surfaces so it’s easier to store.





This Learning Resources Toy will turn your child's playroom into a STEM workshop!Gears, Gears, Gears!


My son will play with these things for hours. He started with the basic set, and now Learning Resources has created all these other awesome products he can build. He’s understanding cause and effect, motion, and the science behind gear movement. He and his little buddies are all about Dizzy Fun Land. These engineering sets are “geared” for both girls and boys. Even the girliest of girls will love to build the Sweet Shop or the Build and Bloom Building Set. Each of these gear sets comes packed with opportunities for sequential thought, motor skills, and all sorts of problem solving.


What types of STEM toys do your children enjoy? For teachers, which STEM toys are on your classroom wish list? Leave your ideas in the comment section, and let’s get the discussion going!

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