3 Great Ways to Connect With Fun New Reading Material

So excited to launch some new reading material for all of you!The last couple of months have been quiet for my readers here at Meaningful Connections. Very few posts for you guys, but lots of changes for me. It’s been busy here at our ponderosa with work, driving kids everywhere, holidays, some health stuff, and a general reboot of everything. In short, there has been plenty of fodder for future blog posts. I’m stoked about getting the new reading material out there.

BUT…it’s the general reboot I’m focused on right now. Not my own reboot—I’ll write about that in the future—but the reset that’s happening on this blog. You see, I began to have some trouble around the holidays when I realized I had no clear focus or direction for where this blog was going. I kept writing about All. The. Things. Readers could never clearly tell what they were going to get when they opened the site. For a while this worked for me. After all, like most moms, I’m busy doing all the things and more every single day. I just got tired of loading so much randomness on this site. It was time for a change.

Sane people would have just narrowed down the topics and kept writing.

The problem with niching things down around here is that I just have too much to say. I love to write for families. Animals and their stories captivate me as well. Oh, yeah—I’m a teacher, and I sell instructional materials and enjoy writing about the classroom. ARRRRRRGH!

So I did what any crazy writer woman would do and upgraded my web hosting, bought two more domain names, and, gulp, started more blogs.

Are you a pet owner? Animal lover? Then this site is filled with pet-related stories, ideas, and tips. Great new reading material!

Paws and Connect

My first new Website, Paws and Connect will contain stories and informational articles for pet lovers like me! After all, I currently live with two fish, a snake, and a beagle. I have a history with multiple guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, cats, dogs, horses, and a killer evil rabbit. These diverse critters have given me a wealth of stories to tell. I can’t wait to share inspiring stories of the ways our pets can touch our hearts, heal our souls, and make us belly laugh.

I’m also giving away a cool pet-related freebie!  Need some help keeping up with your pet records and pet sitter notes? Click the link to download planner pages to keep all your animals’ meds, vet visits, and other information organized.

So hop on over to “paws” and connect! We’ll have our own virtual pet park with all this new reading material!

Interested in some classroom inspiration, lesson ideas, or instructional strategies for your elementary or middle school class? Check Meaningful Connections in the Classroom for some new reading material!Meaningful Connections in the Classroom

The next site full of new reading material is Meaningful Connections in the Classroom. This blog will be filled with stories and informational articles for teachers in grades K-8. Need some ideas for creating a strong classroom community? Looking for some instructional strategies? Interested in expanding your classroom library? I’ll be posting about these topics and many more in the upcoming months.

I’ll also be sharing news about the products in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and I’m giving away a cool freebie for my fellow grammar teachers! These quick grammar review sheets will help you know immediately if your students grasp a particular part of speech lesson you’ve taught. I can’t wait to help you make meaningful connections in your own classrooms!

This site for families in the middle of everything will provide you with plenty of new reading material.Meaningful Connections

Of course, Meaningful Connections will continue to run stories and informational articles. These will be solely geared for parents trying to keep their kids on track and healthy, enjoying married or single life, and bringing home the bacon or the Pop Tarts. And yes, my audience is doing it all while trying to remember where they put their car keys. My people are superheroes! Hopefully, you will find insights here to help you, inspire new ideas, and make you laugh. After all, we parents are all in this together!

So strap in, folks. Let’s put some zing into that time you spend on bleachers at sports practice, waiting at the dentist’s office, or sitting in the pick-up line at school. It’s time to connect through our new reading material!

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